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Supplies List, 2014-15

Below is a list of supplies each student will need for the school year.  If you are unable to purchase these items, please contact us and we will help. Please bring core block supplies to orientation.  Supplies for math, unified arts and physical education will not be needed until the first full day.

Core Block

Each student will be given a locker in the team area that can be used for storing their coat, backpack, boots and other personal items.  They will also be given a cubby in the team room where they’ll store their core block academic supplies. Please neatly label your pencil box, binders, notebook and water bottle with your name so we can get it back to you if it is misplaced.

  • a large pencil box with a cover

  • plenty of pencils

  • a few pens

  • highlighters

  • cap erasers

  • colored pencils

  • lined filler paper

  • a notebook to use as a writing journal

  • one pack of dividers

  • one 1-inch binder

  • one 2-inch binder

  • a school-home folder

  • a durable, reusable water bottle (the Environmental Club sells metal water bottles for $5)

Additional Supplies Needed for Math

  • one 1 ½ -inch binder with filler paper

  • calculator (a scientific one is helpful, but not necessary)

Additional Supplies Needed for Unified Arts and Physical Education

Each student is given a locker to store their P.E. clothes.

  • athletic shoes and socks

  • shorts

  • t-shirt

  • swimsuit and towel (for winter swim units)