Community Study

Image - Biggleswade Academy

Driving Question: How do we show others both who we are and what is important to the Team Impact community?


  • Community Product Oral Presentation: Starter Sheet
    • Students can use these two prompts on this page to begin developing an oral presentation justifying the product being created to represent who Team Impact is and what is important to the team.
  • Oral Presentation KiSH Feedback Form
    • Students need Kind Specific and Helpful (KiSH) feedback in order to improve both oral presentations and the community product. Use this form to gather the feedback needed to improve.
  • Post Consultancy Goal Setting
    • After receiving feedback about the oral presentation and community product, students can use these two prompts to set specific goals for improvement.
Assessments and Assignments

  • Collaboration Learning Scale
    • During the community study students will be assessed on all dimensions (A-D) of collaboration. Please reference dimension A. Interacts Productively, as there is a model to help students get started reflecting on evidence of success.
  • Oral Communication Learning Scale
    • During the community study students will be assessed on dimension A. Delivery. All other aspects of oral communication will be encouraged but not assess during this study.