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Middle School Challenge

History and Overview 
The Middle School Challenge Project began at Mt. Abraham in 1999. Typically, 20-30 students complete the project each year. 

Contact: Amanda Bodell, 452-2333 ext 2011

The intent of the project is to offer 8th graders an opportunity for: 
  • .Concrete Challenges 
  • .Self-explorations 
  • .Discovery of individual strengths 
  • .Links to the community 
  • .Career awareness 
.The project is aligned with the following Vermont Standards:

  • .Students design and conduct a variety of their own investigations and projects 
  • .Pose a question 
  • .Investigate 
  • .Share learning 
.Career Awareness 
  • .Students know about various careers 
.Creative expression 
  • .Students use a variety of forms such as dance, music, theatre, and visual arts to create 
  • projects that are appropriate in terms of 
  • .Skill development 
  • .Reflection & critique 
  • .Making connections 
  • .Approach to work 
.Adventure/Risk Taking 
  • .Students demonstrate a willingness to take risks in order to learn 
  • .Students persevere in the face of challenges and obstacles 
.Service Learning/ Leadership 
  • .Students take an active role in their community Students: 
  • Meet regularly with an advisor 
  • .Create a plan, calendar, and timeline 
  • .Meet with community mentor 
  • .Keep a journal of activities 
  • .Create a portfolio containing evidence of meeting the standard in each area 
  • .Plan a presentation 
  • .Present evidence from portfolio 
  • .Celebrate accomplishments 

  • .Advise student in developing a plan & timeline 
  • .Facilitate finding a mentor and making contacts 
  • .Contact mentor as needed 
  • .Contact parents as needed 
  • .“Check in” with student regularly 
  • .Checking progress, timeline, journal, portfolio 
  • .Help student plan presentation 
  • .Attend presentation/ celebration 
  • .Assess student project 

  • .Be a resource to the student 
  • .Answer questions 
  • .Provide information 
  • .Communicate with advisor 
  • .Attend presentation (if possible) 
Topics vary based on student interest 

.Students and advisor meet to assess student’s performance based on a scoring guide 

☺Presentation & Celebration☺