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Reading Initiative

Mt. Abe Reading Initiative

Primary Reading Strategies


  1. Imagine:


Visualizing and creating mental images of characters, events, and/or ideas of what you read.


  1. Make Connections


Making connections and relationships between what you read to personal experiences, previous knowledge, or other texts/readings.


  1. Analyze Text Structures:


Identifying and using key elements of textbooks and readings to gain meaning (table of contents, boldface, subheadings, etc...)


  1. Recognize Words and Understand Sentences:


Sounding out words and using words to get the meaning of words from the text.


  1. Explore Inferences


Making predictions about what is going to happen based on story events.  Identifying cause and effect situations, "Reading between the lines."


  1. Ask Questions


Creating a dialog in your mind with the text that you are reading. Asking questions while reading to clarify meaning or extend understanding.


  1. Determine Important Ideas and Themes


Identifying the big ideas of what you are reading, finding the "big picture" from text details  (main idea, author's "purpose", thesis statement, etc...)


  1. Evaluate, Summarize, Synthesize:


Providing short statements that capture main ideas and related details.  Assessing the quality of the text to show how much you understood.


  1. Read and Adjust Approaches to the Text


Using fix-up strategies when meaning breaks down.  Taking notes, underlining, rereading, and reading aloud to gain meaning from the text.